Workplace Instructor Training

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The proven path to become a workplace instructor

Workplace Instructor Training

This 5-week program will provide you with a toolbox of knowledge, skills and aid memories to assist you in any future Workplace Instructor role you may undertake.

Furthermore, you’ll be supported by a competency-based approach to training, which will be presented via a combination of interactive lectures, case studies, on-job training simulation activities, problem-solving demonstrations and practice.

What will you learn?
Workplace Instructor Training - What will you learn?
How will you learn?
Workplace Instructor Training - How will you learn?
What about feedback & reviews from others!
Perfect! I expected a lot from the training because I knew one of the trainers before, but my expectations were even exceeded!
One of the best workplace instructor courses you can take. Highly recommended!
Engaging, fun and totally applicable in my new job. Well worth the tuition fee, because it increases your pay and career opportunities by a lot!
What Makes Us Different From Others?


We literally love training and guiding you to fulfill your career potential. We also understand that it is not easy to find and walk the right career path. We are here to guide you at every step.


Success means to us that you are able to grow your career with the training and tools we provide to you. So we are very commited to your individual success, because only then we are successful too.


When we say you will be trained by experts, master trainers and senior consultants then we really mean it. You will get access to first class expertise through our courses, classes and trainings.
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If you are not satisfied with the training you will get your money back!
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