What is this course about?

The module will have the following key components:

1.         Zoom discussion with course tutor to look at the content of your existing CV (if you have one) or to start a new CV from scratch. Approximate length of conversation 30 minutes. In this discussion you will have the opportunity to look at a variety of methods for producing an effective CV and decide on the structure most suitable to your own particular requirements.

2.         Following initial discussion, you will send a copy of your CV to tutor who will comment on the most effective way to present your work experience, how to enhance it, specifically tailored to you. Tutor will make suggestions, and help you explore different options. This would take place within a week of initial discussion.

3.         Tutor will make suggestions for any changes and development of the CV and return updated document to you. This will normally be carried out electronically with tracked changes to your submitted CV. You will normally receive this within a week of the resubmission of your CV.

4.         New draft of CV produced by you (to be carried out within 1 week of receiving suggestions outlined in 3 above)

5.         Further zoom meeting regarding the updated CV and any final changes required. This will give you the opportunity to discuss any final issues. Approximate length of conversation 30 minutes.

6.         Final version of the CV based on all discussions and feedback to be produced by you. If necessary, this can be sent back to tutor for any final comments via email (to be carried out within 1 week of zoom discussion identified in 5 above)

The process should take approximately 4 weeks from initial contact to final CV being produced. However, a time period of 6 weeks is allowed between initial contact identified in 1 above to enable all activities to be undertaken.

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What is this course about?
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What is this course about?